Thursday, November 01, 2007


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Week 2

We have been busy with dance this past week because of a competition coming up this Sat. I am a bit nervous but I am sure the girls will do fine. This is Brooke and Chandraya posing with one of the props they are using for their dance. Song: Addicted to Mountain Dew by KJ 52.. Christain rap artist.

Week 3

Star Quest Competition
Wow, what a weekend. I really enjoyed this weekend. Very calming and less stress than the other competitions that I have been to. Misty and Brooke went with Chandraya and I. The girls performed amazingly! I am so proud of them both.
Brooke took a tap solo that Jessica choreographed for her and took a "High Silver" for her award..way to go, girl! I love that costume and you just shined on stage with your wonderful smile!
Brooke and Chandraya performed a duo together that I choreographed and they took a "Gold" for their award. You two were so fun to watch on stage. I never expected to see such attitude from the both of you. You both work so well as a team...loved it!
I choreographed a lyrical solo for Chandraya and she took a "High Gold", 5th overall, a special ribbon for putting her "Heart and Soul" into her performance. She is also the Miss Petite StarQuest for Denver, Colorado. One thing that really made my eyes swell up with tears is when the announser asked Chandraya who choreographed the dance..she sayed "My mom, Sonja Foos". He than asked her another question and she said, "My mom wants me to spread God's word through my dance so that everyone feels Him". Most everyone in the audiance went... awwwww... I hope she at least helped God touch someones heart that day and maybe brought someone who has walked away from God, back to Him. Thank you, God for giving her such a wonderful gift.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Another year gone by. Depressing almost to see the years flashing before my eyes knowing there was so much more I could have accomplished. Makes me desperate to do and see more. I guess what I am trying to say is, I figured out what my goals are for this upcoming year (2007).
PaW: photo a week
These past 2 years I took photos of my family doing things they love and put them in a photobook, added some quotes and they are now being shipped to me. I would love to have a photo(blog)book but having trouble finding one I can set up with space for lots of text. soooo...a photo a week will go in the 2007 yearbook.
Get back into shape:
My life has become so busy with my family, computer, pictures, and dance stuff that I hardly have time to work out anymore. I want to get motivated to exercise in the mornings.
I need more advertisement for my photography business that is doing very well right now but could do better with more advertising within the surrounding states. I would love to travel to photograph weddings. I have a wedding in Montana in July that I am pretty excited about and would love to have more opportunities like that one.
My dance studio:
Look for a place to teach kids who can't afford the prices that a studio in town charges. There are so many kids who want to dance and perform also kids who are overweight and would like other weighs of losing weight besides basketball, football, soccer and such. I want to give all the kids in the community a chance to try and learn new things. All kids deserve a chance to succeed and feel self-worth in life not just the ones with money.
I have a feeling I am going to make a few people angry because of my decision, but this isn't something I am doing for revenge, evil tactics or to split apart the current studio. Those are not my intentions at all. I actually don't care to take anyone from the studio and don't want them if they are upset with anything that is going on at the studio.
Like I said at the beginning...."Depressing almost to see the years flashing before my eyes knowing there was so much more I could have accomplished.". How many of you have helped someone in need? How many of you took money from someone when you knew they couldn't afford it? Were we place on this earth to only help ourselves grow? I don't think we were and I want to help others. Since I was a young girl I knew there was something out there for me..placing that something was a bit difficult, but I guess I wanted God to place it before me when all along I should have been hunting for it. Persueing my purpose instead of hoping it would drop in my lap.
I need to get motivated to do more stock photography. I just don't have the energy to mess on the computer anymore. I need to set a schedule for myself and stick to it!

Photo a Week

Week 1

My first picture of the year.  Woohooo..I am on a roll.
Me and my girls and my girls.  Hope to continue this photo a week.

Monday, December 18, 2006

My Dance Studio

My new dance studio name.  Wasn't sure if this was something I wanted to do until I started having problems with the studio here in town and the teachers who teach there.  I started out with choreographing my daughters lyrical and realized that it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, so I went on to choreograph a duo.  I am going to start a duo with two other girls now too.  They are a bit younger so this should be a challenge.  The graphic above is something I made yesterday while goofing off with the name.  I think I like it and will keep it.  Anyone have any suggestions? 
Chandraya posing for me as usual ..she is such a trooper.  Love you, MOO!

Two Very Good Friends

These two little girls are the sweetest little things.  Lila Mae in the back and Amber in the front.  They fight, play, giggle and jump around like they were sisters.  They are so fun to watch.


Chandraya and her friend Brooke. 

I am so jazzed...I decided to teach dance in my house.  I have the room so why not.  I taught my daughter Chandraya a solo and just got down choreographing a dance for these two to perform as a duo.
Pretty exciting to work with these kids.  I was also asked to teach a few other girls come summer.
We'll see what happens and what the future holds for me.

Winter! Ugh!

Oh yeah..winter again.  I am not to keen on winter.  The wind blows with a temp. that is so cold it just chills me deep down to my bones.  brrrrrssss...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fall Fun

It has been awhile since I goofed off with my camera..the leaves were looking amazing so the girls and I gathered our things and headed to the park.  mmmmm...crabapples are so good.  The girls and I picked a basket full and also got a shot for a challenge on DPC. 

It has been a long few months.  So much has gone on that I dont' think I can remember it all. 
What I need to do is do another photo a day with each of my kids.  yeah yeah..I think I will.  Starting Saturday, expect more pictures of my kids starting with Lila Mae.

Family Portraits

My family!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

The kids and I took a field trip out to my good friends Orin's house.  He gave us a tour around his ranch and the kids learned and saw a ton.  We went hunting around for arrowheads and Zachery happened upon a rattlesnake.  Freaked me out so I sent the girls to the road where the truck was.  He pocked at it and tried to get it to come out of the little sagebrush it was hiding in.  It come out for just a sec and back in there.  He only rattled once while we messed with him and that must have been about 10 minutes. 

We took a little ride to a hill to see some petrified wood and set a blanket down and ate some KFC..mmm!  Found a few rocks and went on our way again. Oh, before we took off I got a few pictures of this jackrabbit.  He is just a young one.


Zachery probing the snake.

We seen a few cows and this one just gave birth to a new calf.  How cute is that.

Oh and Chandraya had to take a picture of mom. ;)

This is the tepee ring that the indians made way back in the day.  Some of the indians hunters would leave the village and go off to hunt.  They would pitch a tent and put these rocks around the tent to hold it down.  This is were we also found some arrowheads and cutting tools they used.  Beautiful land!

Lila Mae posing for the camera.

This is Chandraya.  Look at that smiley.  Cutie.
That is Orin in the background.

Orin and Zachery walking off...hmm..don't think they are talking about indians...I think they are talking about Ogame.  hahahaa..

Friday, August 11, 2006

August 11th

Just a few pictures I took tonight..walked quite a ways to get this shot and the birds all flew off the tree and this one decided to land back on it.  So I captured it before he flew off again.  Such a beautiful spot.